University of Ottawa

André E. Lalonde AMS Laboratory

Radiocarbon, Radiohalides, Noble Gas/Tritium, Actinides, Cosmogenic Isotopes

Geochemistry Laboratory

ICP-ES, ICP-MS, Dionex-anions

X-ray Facility


uOttawa/Museum of Nature MicroAnalysis Laboratory

SEM, Microprobe (Shared with the Canadian Museum of Nature)

Carleton University

Isotope Geochemistry & Geochronology Research Centre

Ca, Sm, Nd, Rb, Sr, U, Pb

Private Industry

Isomass Scientific Ltd.

The Ján Veizer Stable Isotope Laboratory has a long-standing industry partnership with Isomass. The Lab is a testing and demo site, and continues to host the Isomass IRMS Training Courses three times a year, available to all new users around the world.

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