Price List

Until further notice, the turn around times for receiving data will be longer than expected. A world-wide shortage of helium, exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, has forced us to drastically reduce our use of helium. We will only be running one main high-flow machine at a time. We apologize for the delays, even though things are out of our control.

WARNING: We DO NOT ACCEPT samples with enriched 14C (often used as a tracer).  Any contamination of any amount of enriched 14C ("hot") material may cause thousands of dollars in clean-up and other costs. If you submit "hot" samples to this lab, you may be liable.

***** Minimum fee applies to each submission *****
NSERC/Can Gov: 35$
Private/Other: 50$

  • OCGC (Internal) prices: please contact us.
  • Turn around time is usually better than 2 months.
  • A "RUSH" rate is offered:
    1-29 samples = triple the listed price
    30+ samples = double the listed price
  • A discount of $5 per sample off the listed price is applied when the client/student does his or her own preparation work towards the isotopic analysis; for example, weighing of solid or liquid samples into capsules, carbonate weighing and acidification, gas injection, filtration of waters for the LGR, water pipetting and flushing for the gasbench.
  • Up to 10% duplicates are granted at no additional cost; we can add them in at random, or you can choose them yourself.
Element(s) or Isotopes Instrumentation NSERC/CanGov Private/Other
Quantitative -%NCHS or %NCS or %NC EA only $13 $18
Quantitative -%N inorganic - special EA only - special $23 $28
Quantitative -%O TCEA only $15 $20
13C15N or 13C-only or 15N-only (organic) EA + IRMS $15 $20
13C15N or 13C-only or 15N-only (organic) ENRICHED EA + IRMS $20 $25
2H (bulk analysis) TCEA + IRMS $20 $25
2H (organic - 2 exchange analyses) TCEA + IRMS $60 $70
13C & 18O (carbonate) Gasbench + IRMS $20 $25
13C & 18O (carbonate) - single mineral off-line extraction off-line + DI IRMS $50 $60
13C (graphite) EA + IRMS $15 $20
15N (inorganic) - special EA + IRMS - special $25 $30
18O (organic) TCEA + IRMS $20 $25
18O (inorganic - excludes silicates) TCEA + IRMS $20 $25
34S (organic) EA + IRMS $18 $23
34S (sulphide or sulphate) EA + IRMS $18 $23


Element(s) or Isotopes Instrumentation NSERC/CanGov Private/Other
Quantitative - dissolved gases (N2, O2, CH4, CO2, C1-C5) off-line GC $45 $55
Quantitative - ppmC-only (dissolved C) TIC/TOC $15 $20

2H & 18O & 17O

LGR (Includes filtering $5) $25


2H-only or 18O-only Gasbench + IRMS $20 $25
2H & 18O Gasbench + IRMS $35 $45
17O & 18O (dissolved) Gasbench + IRMS $22 $27
17O & 18O + Ar (dissolved) Gasbench + IRMS $30 $37
13C dic or 13C tic (fresh) TIC/TOC + IRMS $25 $30
13C doc or 13C toc (fresh) TIC/TOC + IRMS $25 $30
13C doc or 13C toc (SALINE)

TIC/TOC + IRMS (includes sparging)

$35 $40
13C doc or 13C toc (SALINE enriched) TIC/TOC + IRMS (includes sparging) $45 $50
Dilution - dic, doc, tic or toc (includes vial) Other prep work $10/sample $15/sample
2H or 13C of dissolved methane, ethane, propane GCIsolink + IRMS $60 $70
Element(s) or Isotopes Instrumentation NSERC / CanGov Private / Other
Quantitative - gases (N2, O2, CH4, CO2, C1-C5) off-line GC $35 $45
Quantitative - dissolved gases (N2, O2, CH4, CO2, C1-C5) off-line GC $45 $55
13C &/or 18O (CO2 gas in break seals) Dual Inlet IRMS $15 $20
13C &/or 18O (CO2 gas in Exetainers) Gasbench + IRMS $10 $15
2H or 13C of methane, ethane, propane gas GCIsolink + IRMS $50 $60
2H or 13C of dissolved methane, ethane, propane GCIsolink + IRMS $60 $70
13C (CO2) GCIsolink + IRMS $50 $60
15N GCIsolink + IRMS Contact Us Contact Us
dilution of gas for 2H or 13C off-line $10


Other Liquids
Element(s) or Isotopes Instrumentation NSERC/CanGov Private/Other
Quantitative - %nchs or %ncs or %nc EA only $13 $18
13C15N or 13C-only EA + IRMS $20 $25
2H or 13C or 15N GCIsolink + IRMS Contact Us Contact Us


Prep Work
Type of Preparation NSERC/CanGov Private/Other
Use of Micromill (high precision drill) $25/hr $30/hr
Use of Ball Mill (pulverization of organics) $7/sample $10/sample
Grinding by mortar and pestle $10/sample $15/sample
Acidification of sediments/soils incl. filtration/centrifugation $40/sample $60/sample
Precipitation of sulphates incl. filtration/centrifugation $40/sample $60/sample
Filtration/Centrifugation of acidified soils or precipitates only $15/sample $20/sample
Certificate of Analysis $50 $60
Additional Notes
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Left-over sample material will be retained for 6 months after completion.
  • Priority is given to all 4th year thesis projects due to the limited time constraints.
  • Additional duplicates/replicates beyond the 10% at no charge are recommended for homogeneity and statistical information.
  • Invoices are generally issued once the analyses are complete for Canadian customers.
    • Special budget deadlines can be accommodated; contact Wendy to make arrangements.

International customers - please note:

  • Pre-billing is in effect. An invoice will be sent to you via email once we receive your submission file(s) & samples.
  • A fee of $60 will be added to the invoice to cover customs clearance and bank transfer costs.
  • PLEASE declare a nominal value for your samples ($10): they have no commercial value.
  • PLEASE FILL OUT THE CANADA CUSTOMS INVOICE and include it with your shipment.
  • Extra duty or shipping charges beyond the regular charges will be added to the Ján Veizer Lab invoice.
  • Samples and their containers will not be returned.  An exception may be pre-arranged for extremely precious material ($70 for NSERC/CanGov, $80 for External). In general we would ask that you send us subsamples that do not have to be returned.
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