Until further notice, the turn around times for receiving data will be longer than expected. A world-wide shortage of helium, exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, has forced us to drastically reduce our use of helium. We will only be running one main high-flow machine at a time. We apologize for the delays, even though things are out of our control.

WARNING: We DO NOT ACCEPT samples with enriched 14C (often used as a tracer).  Any contamination of any amount of enriched 14C ("hot") material may cause thousands of dollars in clean-up and other costs. If you submit "hot" samples to this lab, you may be liable.

Solids (minerals, plants, fish, bone, hair, sediments, etc.)

Waters (fresh water to saline water)

Gases (single or mixtures; single-phase, dissolved, breath)

Other Liquids (wine, urine, oil residue, etc.)

Prep Work (milling, filtering, precipitation, etc.)

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